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Online Business Opportunity

Along with the increase of Internet users and also economic growth in the world today, the development of business in the world also turned out to be increased quite rapidly, particularly the growth of its online business. Not only in the business of information technology in which media information once through conventional newspaper now online newspaper and many others, but also in the online business (eCommerce) like Make money online in China.

We certainly have seen an offline business which is then marketed online to increase sales or to make the brand more famous. In short the current online business opportunity is wide open and can be done by anyone who wants to do business.

Online business course run business via the Internet. Everyone who has an internet connection and also have products to sell online can run a business online. The target market is not limited because we can sell our products anywhere both locally and internationally.

Based on my experience and also about the information I find online business, here are some online business opportunities that we can do

1. Sell Other People's Products (resellers / dropshiper / affiliate)

Advantages of selling other people's products (resellers / dropshiper) is that we do not need to bother about the procurement of goods sold and delivery process. There are many online stores that offer this program, of course, we have to study the history of transactions from the online store, and make sure that you are working with someone who is responsible and trustworthy.

The online store that offers a reseller program and dropship are usually willing to deliver the goods to the buyer where the goods packaging the name or our online store that became the poster. So we will not lose the buyer if it wants to make a purchase in the future. Products sold by way of reseller / dropship usually is shaped items.

2. Opening Writing Services / Make Website Content

Website content can be in the form of text, image, and video. However, most of the content of websites that I see on average using text. If you or someone around you has the ability to write articles, make videos, and pictures, the online business opportunity is what you need to run. There are so many website owners who do not have time or do not have a good skill in creating content for their website.

In addition to the content in the form of text, video and image content logo is also pretty much need. One of the video content and images that often look for is to make video marketing and also the logo image associated with the business to be marketed. Someone who has the ability to create video content for marketing and also the logo image should take advantage of this business opportunity.

3. Opening Development Services Website / Blog

This business is suitable for someone who has the ability to build a website or blog. We do not need to have a very great expertise in drafting codes website from scratch because there are actually many ways fairly easy to build a website / blog which is nice. One platform that is very easy to learn and apply in building a website / blog is WordPress. In WordPress, there are a lot of themes / templates are ready-made and unique, both free and paid with a professional appearance.

4. Opening Consulting Services in Specific Online

This business is suitable if you have excellent ability in certain fields, in the sense that you are an expert in the field in which you worked. Some examples for this area of ​​business is consulting SEO (search engine optimization) a website, business development consulting, consulting romance problems, consult traditional medicine, and others.

5. Become A Professional Blogger

If this one is surely almost everyone can do it. There are many bloggers who have fantastic income from your blog / website built. I am personally very inspired by the success story of a blogger from the UK, where earlier his WordPress blog on the topic of social media eventually become a large site with earnings reached four hundred thousand dollars more per month.

 Earnings of the blog can come from PPC (pay per click) Google Adsense, space advertising, product reviews, and more.
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