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Professional Insurance: A Basic Need for Practicing Professionals

Professional insurance is known by a number of names including professional indemnity, professional liability, and errors & omissions Life Insurance. By any name, it means coverage that protects professionals who offer services or advice to patients or clients from being held financially accountable when their services lead to a lawsuit. You don’t have to make a mistake to be sued and legal fees for a lawsuit can be devastating to a professional’s bottom line.

Some of the professionals who need professional insurance to protect their business and their reputation are:

·         Architects
·         Lawyers
·         Engineers
·         Accountants

Quaker Special Rates explains that “Even the best professionals make mistakes and find their way into situations that they don’t know how to get out of without the right professional insurance to back them.”

People often look at professionals as perfectionists who never make mistakes. When they do, they feel that they have earned the right to challenge the services they have received because they didn’t get the best advice or services that the company has to offer. 

The reality is that professionals are among the best in their fields but they are still human and prone to mistakes. No one gets it right all the time and you need to be prepared to protect your assets when it happens to you.

Insurance Agents and Companies: Professionals in Their Own Right 

When legal, engineering, accounting, or other professionals find themselves facing a legal complaint against them, they often find themselves contemplating what their next move should be. On the other hand, having professional insurance to protect them also means having an insurance company with litigation specialists who have experience handling claims and defending their clients. All you have to do is provide them with all the information related to the case, and you will have the professionals you need on your side.

Protecting Your Professional Reputation

One of the biggest surprises a professional has is when they are accused of saying something damaging about another person. Professional insurance can protect you against charges of libel, defamation, or slander whether you say something deliberately or without even realizing you made a mistake.

Insurance: Protection When You Need It

The premise behind insurance is that you have it when you need it. Without insurance coverage, you will end up paying a great deal more from the time you seek legal counsel until you end up paying damages if you end up losing your case. It’s a lot more affordable to pay an insurance premium that to take your financial lumps once you are sued for damages.

The Peace of Mind You Need to Focus on Your Business

One of the most intrusive events for a professional is knowing the potential for a lawsuit to be brought against them. Second guessing what each day will bring is all it takes to distract them from delivering the quality services the rest of their clients need. Taking out professional insurance before a mistake occurs will give you the peace of mind to focus on the business at hand.
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