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Common Misconceptions Regarding Child Custody Obligation

In the context of child custody and divorce there are some common myths which clouds a person’s opinion about various legal terms and complications which might arise. Here is a list of common misconceptions which can debunk your established ideas.

It is a common myth that in the event of a divorce the father is responsible for supporting the child. According to the law of the state both the parents are equally responsible for the well-being of the children. The amount which each parent needs to pay for the education and over all well-being of a child, depends on their income level.

If both parties cannot come to a common negotiation, then the court takes up the responsibility of reviewing the party’s financial obligation and thereby deciding how much money each one of them is bound to pay in child support.

It is also believed that if a parent does not pay child-support then he or she does not have the right to spend time with the child. It is important to understand that child support and better internal visitations rates are completely two different issues. A parent should never withhold visitation rights of a non-custodial parents because in doing so the child is the one who becomes the ultimate sufferer. The court or any Brisbane family lawyer will never prevent a parent from visiting their kids just because they have not been able to make the payment on a regular basis.

As a parent if you want your other significant blocked from visiting your child because of reasons related to drug, alcohol or abusive behaviour, then you should hire the services of family lawyers in Brisbane to justify your demand and to prove the fact that the other parents have behaved in a unlawful or immoral way towards the child. 

If you have a child without getting married to your partner and the child is staying with mother then it's necessarily does not imply that the mother can take the child away as per her wish. In the absence of any legal custody documents both the parents have equal rights over the child irrespective of with whom he or she is living with. Legal custody by the courts specified is the rights and responsibilities of each parent in regards to the child’s education and other factors related to their future.

It is foolish to assume that the court will always grant custody of a young child to the mother. Contrary to popular belief the custody is awarded to either the mother or the father after considering the best interest of the child. 

There is no reason to believe that once our custody has been provided the decision of the court cannot be changed. The decision of about custody can be changed several times by soliciting any Brisbane family lawyers if there is sufficient reasons to do so. is a not for profit legal firm in Australia. They offer legal service to people from all walks of life irrespective of their background at a very affordable rate.
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