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6 Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Proposals

Every woman has practically dreamt about this scene thousands of time when the man she loves will go down on his knees and propose her for marriage. But with the passage of time, women are turning more pretentious about the fact that they don’t have any romantic expectations. But I would like to caution each and every man on this planet that you should be fooled by what most women are saying outwardly because they mean something else from the inside. Here, we have listed down some Do’s and Don’ts of wedding proposals that every man should keep in mind.

No matter whether you are going in for a love marriage or an arranged one, it is extremely important that you ask both the parents before tying the knot. It will make you score all the brownie points and at the same time your mother-in-law will be telling stories about you over and over again to all her friends.

Don’t take the wedding ring too casually, it’s a guesstimate of the size of wallet you have. Every time, a family relative glance at the ring they will surely make a judgement about you and the size of the wallet too. But just make sure that the ring isn’t too big to make you look like a flamboyant man. 

If you want to please her with something personalized, it can be a great anniversary gift idea. You can shop for a personalized photo frame which can have the photo of the two of you which will let you reminiscent some of the fond memories which are attached to the occasion. The moment you look at the personalized photo it is definitely going to make her feel special.

Wedding shopping can be really tiring for her and whether you like it or you don’t, make her feel special by helping her out with the wedding shopping. It will surely make her feel loved and cared for. Just a piece of advice, don’t stand their mum, when she asks for your suggestion help her out with one.

Even if she doesn’t call you up, you can make one yourself. It will make her feel that you feel the same way about her as you did when the two of you were not married to each other.

On the wedding day you can gift her a jar full of love notes expressing your love for her. These small notes can be about the compliments that you always wanted to give her but couldn’t because may be you were shy. It will help you in developing a stronger bond with each other and at the same time will let the two of you to understand each other better. If you are looking for something different on a your wedding day you can also get recorded video messages from her friends, family and relatives after all these are the people whom she will be missing after marriage.
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