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Things Your Homes Must Have to Treat Signs of Food Poisoning

Foods are indisputably the chief items consumed by all of us every day. Although, there are some individuals who preferred to grow fruits and vegetables in their backyards, others doesn’t have enough time and space to do such. So for convenience, there are plenty of grocery stores, restaurants as well as food stalls which offer a wide variety of food items at certain costs. However, since the consumers also cannot access cautionary information including where the products came from and most especially how they are prepared, there’s always a danger for one to suffer from food poisoning anytime. Thus, it’s imperative to become aware of the few things that should initially be done whenever there’s a victim.

In particular, when a family member suddenly complaints for experiencing abdominal cramps, weakness, headache, fever, nausea and diarrhea, there’s a big chance that he or she has already been suffering from food poisoning and therefore needs an immediate consultation with a physician to seek an appropriate medical attention later on. In case the illness was caused by spoiled food, the patient can pursue a product liability insurance claim. But before that, it’s seriously helpful to know that there are things found inside our homes which can fight or at least relieve the effects of food poisoning. These are the following:

·         Water. Apart from removing excess clothes and staying at home, the victims of food poisoning should consume a huge volume of water. It’s due to the fact that they may be suffering from diarrhea. As a solution drinking potable water should be started with sips to gradually taking more of the fluid so to replenish the body.

·         Garlic. As one example of herbal remedy which is assuredly stored in every house, garlic can also heal food poisoning. It’s because this vegetable is not only a flexible ingredient for condiments but also it contains properties defined as anti-bacteria that effectively helps a victim fight food poisoning by consuming a glove.

·         Lemon. As a citrus fruit, lemon sustains extra amounts of “electrolyte” or the minerals in our blood which is one way to strengthen an affected individual’s immune system. Also, since the high level acidity of lemon can cleanse one’s system while killing bacteria at the same time, taking four lemons is enough. 

·         Basil. This herb is not just famous for increasing food’s taste but it additionally cures infections caused by food poisoning. Hence, a victim can consume basils in different ways as well. An affected individual may choose either to mix it with yoghurt, honey or water alone for at least three to four times per day.

·         Ginger. With a well-established reputation for treating digestive problems, ginger is also popular to ease abdominal cramps and nausea which are included in the effects of getting poisoned by food. Thus, a victim may either consume a cup of ginger tea or eat raw slices of ginger instead. Also, it can be mixed with honey.

·         Vinegar. Lastly, apple cedar vinegar can contribute an “alkaline effect” to an individual suffering from food poisoning. It can lessen the symptoms caused by the said infection by killing bacteria and soothing one’s gastrointestinal lining. Mixing at least two tablespoons of such in a cup of hot water is advisable.

On the other hand, the enumerated actions above, as previously stated, are only categorized as initial home remedies alleviating a victim’s sufferings. Thus, when an individual suspected for getting poisoned by food and most especially if he or she already notices blood in stool should seek for the right medical attention provided by the physicians evidently because it’s a life-threatening matter that necessitates an abrupt treatment. Furthermore, he or she can file a formal complaint against the business, and seek compensations through its product liability insurance. Evidently, getting poisoned by foods or drinks bought from outside sources are entitled for claims.
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